Preparing students for college and life beyond our campus is the goal of Wilson Hall, and at the heart of our school is its focus on the development of a student’s academic and intellectual capabilities to his or her potential.

The success of this goal has been based on maintaining a challenging curriculum and a professional faculty in a supportive, family-like atmosphere. But Wilson Hall is about much more than just academics. It is about teaching students to become well rounded individuals with a strong sense of ethics and morals. It is about character development. It is about encouraging students to become leaders and active members of the community. It is about an authentic, complete education.

Wilson Hall is a small school by design, giving teachers and students the opportunity to get to know one another on a more personal level. It is a safe haven where identification badges are not necessary. There are no security guards, no locks on the lockers.


Like the neighborhood schools of days gone by, Wilson Hall is a campus to which students can walk or ride their bikes. It is a hub of activity where students and parents are welcomed long after the school day has ended.

Wilson Hall is a place where religious expression is encouraged with daily devotions and prayer, and where patriotism is fostered with the daily Pledge of Allegiance. It is a place where good manners are expected, where students respect their teachers, and where students are self-disciplined.

All of these make Wilson Hall a school like no other.



Wilson Hall is a school with a mission, and this mission is singular and simple: prepare students for success in college. In a positive environment rich in Judeo-Christian values, dedicated faculty members encourage students to develop a strong sense of ethics and values that are essential to being a productive citizen. Realizing that academics are not the only component to a quality education, community service, extracurricular activities and athletics are promoted to encourage the development of well-rounded and happy students.


In 1964, a meeting was held of persons in the community interested in providing their children a superior education in an atmosphere of discipline, camaraderie, and a quest for achievement. By 1966 the by-laws for our school were adopted and Wilson Hall was named in memory of John Snowden Wilson, who was a member of the founding group. In the fall of 1967, Wilson Hall opened its doors to 86 students in grades 1-6 in a single building on land donated by the Dinkins family.

Wilson Hall now enrolls approximately 800 students in preschool through the twelfth grade on a campus with six buildings. Today, Wilson Hall is one of the largest and most successful independent schools in the state and is recognized as the premiere college preparatory institution in the region.