Agno Wins Best in Show

Senior Angelica Agno won the Youth Overall Best in Show Award for her drawing and Wilson Hall students received a total of 38 awards in the annual Sumter County Fair Art Show. Third-grade students Ellis Coker and Kate Skinner, who won Youth Best in Show Sponsored Awards, received scholarships to the Sumter County Gallery of Art Second Saturday art classes. Winning first place in their respective categories were the following students: eighth-grader Ashley-Reid Baker – drawing, sixth-grader Kaylan Boudrea – open/mixed media 3D, junior Lizzy Davis – sculpture, fifth-grader Andrew Howle – painting, eighth-grader Rebekha Patel – open/mixed media, eighth-grader Jack Poag – open/mixed media, eighth-grader Caitlyn Schumacher – open/mixed media 3D, sixth-grader Logan Schumacher – drawing, senior Ingrid Singleton – painting, sixth-grader Matthew Simmons – open/mixed media 3D, and senior Adam Torchia – photography.

The following students received second place ribbons for their work: senior Angelica Agno – painting, sixth-grader Kaylan Boudreau – open/mixed media 2D, sixth-grader Lucy Buxton – open/mixed media 3D, eighth-grader Gabrielle Gregory – open/mixed media, senior Julia Gregory – photographer, seventh-grader Talan Griffin – open/mixed media 3D, fourth-grader Natalie Irizarry – open/mixed media 3D, junior Darden Kelly – pottery, third-grader Katy Knight – drawing, eighth-grader Landon Miller – open/mixed media, senior Chandler Patrick – sculpture, sixth-grader Sophie Sweatman – painting, and fifth-grader Sanders Warrick – painting.

Earning third place ribbons were the following students: eighth-grader Ashley-Reid Baker – open/mixed media, sixth-grader Knox Buxton – open/mixed media 3D, eighth-grader Coker Cutler – open/mixed media, third-grader Trip Hunt – drawing, sixth-grader Josie Jackson – open/mixed media 3D, third-grader Katy Knight – open/mixed media 3D, junior Sarah McClun – sculpture, eighth-grader Caitlyn Schumacher – drawing, senior Mary Margaret Terry – painting, junior Kyndal Waynick – open/mixed media, and seventh-grader Mary Parish Williams – open/mixed media 3D. The art teachers are Mrs. Ashley Lareau, Ms. Mary Ann Reames and Mrs. Tara Schumacher.