Art Show Winners

Seventeen students earned a total of 20 ribbons at the Sumter County Fair Art Show. Winning first place in their respective categories were the following students: junior Angelica Agno – painting, eighth-grader Mary Claire Graves – open media, fifth-grader Ellie Hudson – open media, sixth-grader Clark Kinney – drawing, senior Crystal Moore – open media, fourth-grader Mary Ellen Thorne – open media, and seventh-grader Will Singleton – drawing. Sixth-grader Jeremiah Jones won first place in painting and second place in open media, seventh-grader Noah Kennedy won second place and third place in open media, and seventh-grader Caitlyn Schumacher won first place and second place in open media. The following students received second place ribbons for their work: fourth-grader Morgan Aycock – drawing, fifth-grader Logan Schumacher – painting, eighth-grader Madison Smith – drawing, fifth-grader Michael Warrick – open media, and fourth-grader Bowen Zitzke – open media. Earning third place students were fifth-grader Kaylan Boudreau – open media and fourth-grader Madisen Grace Hansen – open media. The art teachers are Mrs. Ashley Lareau, Ms. Mary Ann Reames and Mrs. Tara Schumacher.