Drake Best Speaker at State Debate

(front) Preston Drake, Kirti Reddy, Mary Jones, Annie Lauzon, Lucy McIver, Waverly McIver, Dillon Bartlett, (back) Enrick Dickey, Bridget Anderson, Emily Gray, Jacob Bostic & Ben Matthews

Sixth-grader Preston Drake was named the Best Overall Speaker in the middle school division of the S.C. Independent School Association State Debate competition held in Florence. She and her partner, eighth-grader Kirti Reddy, won second place and seventh-graders Dillon Bartlett and Jacob Bostic won fifth place. In the novice division, freshmen Mary Jones and Annie Lauzon placed fourth and sophomore Enrick Dickey and freshman Lucy McIver placed fifth. Placing in the varsity division were juniors Ben Matthews and Waverly McIver (4th) and senior Bridget Anderson and sophomore Emily Gray (6th).

Every team representing Wilson Hall was recognized in the competition which was limited to 16 teams per division. The topic of the debate was the following: “The U.S. federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the U.S.” Mrs. Stacey Reaves advises the high school debate team and Mrs. Dianne Sprott is the advisor for the middle school debate team.