Drakeford & McCreight, May King & Queen

Seniors Nathan Drakeford & Sarah McCreight were crowned the May King and Queen at the 46th annual May Day celebration in the Nash Student Center.  Other members of the senior court were Mills Herlong, Sydney Jarecki, Luke Kinney & Liza Segars. Senior members of the court were elected by the 12th grade, and grades 9-12 elected the king and queen. The program began with the presentation of the court that included representatives from grades 1-12, followed by the traditional May Pole Dance by the fifth graders who were coordinated by Mrs. Meg Creech & Mrs. Mary Simmons. The program concluded with a musical production, with the candy theme of “How Sweet it Is,” performed by students in grades 1-5 who were directed by Mrs. Frankie Eldridge & Mrs. Jeanne Shaw. Sponsored by the PTO, Mrs. Jennifer Reimer was the chairman and choreographer of the event and Mrs. Jennifer DuBose was the co-chairman.