Land Wins Best of Show


Breland Land

Junior Breland Land won Best of Show at the Sumter County Fair Art Show for the chair she made in sculpture class. Senior Anna Katherine Graves received a $100 art scholarship award for her work, and third-grader Ella Sill received a $25 art scholarship.

Winning first place in their respective categories were the following students: sophomore Angelica Agno – pottery, seventh-grader Chanson Bullard – open media, sixth-grader Madison Crawshaw – drawing, and sixth-grader Caitlyn Schumacher – painting. The following students received second place ribbons for their work: junior Kelly Brady – open media, fourth-grader Anna Kate Coker – open media, eighth-grader Emily Gray – 2D open media, fifth-grader Clark Kinney – open media, sixth-grader Cody Peyton – drawing, and senior Maggie Segars – pottery. Earning third place ribbons were the following students: sixth-grader Sarah Alexander – 2D open media, fourth-grader Ellie Hudson – open media, sixth-grader Rebekha Patel – drawing, senior Elizabeth Piasecki – drawing, and sixth-grader Sarah Sonntag – drawing. The art teachers are Mrs. Ashley Lareau, Ms. Mary Ann Reames and Mrs. Tara Schumacher.