Li Receives Duke TIP Grand Recognition

Lucy Li

Seventh-grader Lucy Li qualified for grand recognition by the Duke University Talent Identification Program and is invited to the Grand Recognition Ceremony at Furman University on May 18. Grand recognition students, who earn scores that are approximately equal to the top 10% of college-bound seniors taking the SAT, qualify for the honor by scoring at least a 680 on the math portion or a 670 on the reading and writing portion of the SAT.  Seventh-graders Chanson Bullard, Abby Clanton and Ivey Edwards qualified for state-level recognition and are invited to the State Recognition Ceremony at Furman. To qualify for this honor students had to score at least a 540 on the math or a 550 on the evidence-based reading and writing. Seventh-grade students who receive this recognition earn a score equal to or better than half of the college-bound seniors who took the tests.