McClun Spotlight Artist of the Month

Junior Sarah McClun is the Spotlight Artist for the month of May. She is a student in the Honors Art III class taught by Ms. Mary Ann Reames. Each month a student is chosen for the honor and has his or her artwork displayed along with a brief profile of the student. Sarah answered the following questions for her profile: Who is your favorite artist? My favorite artist is Natalie Dark because she creates beautiful pieces with Prismacolor pencil. What is one thing you like to do when not creating art? When I am not creating art, I enjoy playing the piano. What are your plans after graduation? I am planning on majoring in English with a minor in art. What are some of the problems and solutions you came up with while creating this work? A problem that came up was hot show the textile of hair and fur. Ms. Reames guided me through the process until I learned how.