Meyers & Lowder elected Mr. & Miss Wilson Hall

Seniors Jake Meyers and Liza Lowder received the honor of Mr. and Miss Wilson Hall. Each fall the upper school faculty nominates students for Mr. and Miss Wilson Hall and the Mr. and Miss for grades 9-11. When nominating a student the faculty considers the following factors: above average academics, participation in athletics and/or extracurricular activities, outstanding citizenship, and excellent character.

From the list of faculty nominated candidates, students in grades 9-11voted for their own class, and all students in 9-12 voted for Mr. and Miss Wilson Hall. While voting, students consider the same criteria the faculty considers when choosing the most well rounded representatives of their class and of Wilson Hall.

The following underclassmen received this honor: Mr. & Miss Junior – Brown Osteen and Callie McAdams, Mr. & Miss Sophomore – Blake Richardson and Emily Reynolds, and Mr. & Miss Freshman – Parker VanPatten and Hannah Alsaadi.