Segars Spotlight Artist of the Month

Senior Liza Segars, a student in the Advanced Placement 2-D Design class taught by Ms. Mary Ann Reames, is the Spotlight Artist for the month of November. Each month, a student is chosen for the honor and has his or her artwork displayed along with a brief profile of the student. Liza answered the following questions for her profile:
What are your favorite subjects and why? Chemistry and calculus because they are the most interesting to me. I find them interesting because of the way they apply to real life, especially chemistry. Also, my teachers are always willing to take extra time to help me understand things I’m struggling with.

Who is your favorite artist and why? Tyrone Geter because he captures similar aspects of life that I try to portray in my art.

What is one thing you like to do when you are not doing art? Play basketball.

What are some of the problems and solutions you came up with while creating one of your works of art? How to incorporate meaning into my art.

What do you like most about your art class? The ability to express myself through art.