Senior Service Project – Hope Champions for Feed My Starving Children

Eadon Lee, Abby Zilch & Meredith Johnson


For their annual fall service day on October 11, the senior class partnered as Hope Champions with Sumter Feeds My Starving Children. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian, non-profit organization that feeds hungry children in 70 countries throughout the world by providing meals made up of a protein, vegetables, vitamins, and rice all in one meal pack. FMSC has held a Sumter packing event in August for the past four years and it has grown to almost 2,000 volunteers packing meals to feed 1,000 children for a year.

The seniors gathered on campus to learn about FMSC before breaking into groups to work on a fundraising project, and they visited each of the classrooms on campus to encourage fellow students to participate in this project. The seniors are working to generate support to sponsor a Wilson Hall shift at the Mobile Pack in August, which will be an opportunity for students, faculty, families and alumni to pack meals for hungry children. In a two hour shift it will be possible to pack enough meals to feed more than 200 children for one year.

For the fundraising project, each student and faculty member was given a small plastic tube with a Feed My Starving Children label on it. The instructions are to fill the tube with quarters, and return the filled tube to the school by Tuesday, November 21. Because one meal for one child costs about 22 cents, the thought is that each time you eat a meal, you put a quarter in the tube to provide a meal for another person. Mrs. Elizabeth Hyatt, school counselor, is the coordinator of the senior service project.