Welch Spotlight Artist of the Month

Senior Anne Land Welch is the Spotlight Artist for the month of April. She is a student in the Advanced Placement 3D Ceramics class taught by Mrs. Ashley Lareau. Each month a student is chosen for the honor and has his or her artwork displayed along with a brief profile of the student. Anne Land answered the following questions for her profile: What are your favorite subjects? Advanced Placement English Language and Pre-Calculus. Who is your favorite artist? Fellow student Kayla Porter because all of her projects are very neat and smooth. What do you like/dislike about the medium with which you most often work? Slip is very messy, but fun to work with. What are some solutions you used to address a problem while creating one of your works of art? Improvise and adapt to make the project look good even if it breaks. What do you like most about art class? It is my creative outlet and I enjoy making ceramics.