Wilson Hall Wins at State Reading Fair

Madi Smith, Jennings Frerichs, Mary Catherine Matthews, Banks Smith, Bella Land, Abel Ayers, Davis Lee, Madison Landstrom, Rhayne Owens & Kirti Reddy

Wilson Hall students won 13 of the 22 awards presented during the inaugural S.C. Independent School Assoc. State Reading Fair held in Sumter. Each student participating chose an age appropriate book, wrote a summary of the book, created a storyboard, and participated in an interview with a judge. Participants also dressed as a character from the book. Points were awarded in each of the three age divisions for fiction and non-fiction to determine the winners, and a Best Character Portrayal Award in each division was also awarded. The following students won first place in their respective divisions: 4th grader Abel Ayers, junior Madison Landstrom, 7th grader Davis Lee and freshman Madi Smith. Winning the Best Character Portrayal Award in their respective divisions were sophomore Bella Land, junior Madison Landstrom, 7th grader Rhayne Owens and 8th grader Kirti Reddy. Placing second were 7th grader Jennings Frerichs, sophomore Bella Land and junior Mary Catherine Matthews, and placing third were 7th grader Rhayne Owens and  fifth-grader Banks Smith. Mrs. Molly McDuffie serves as the advisor for the reading fair team.