Student Life

Wilson Hall students often say that a big part of their educational experience takes place outside of the classroom, and there is a good bit of truth in that statement.

Our students learn to enjoy a healthy balance between work and play, and Wilson Hall provides the opportunity for students to enjoy themselves with their friends and with the faculty through an extraordinary array of student activities. It is easy to see why students who enjoy coming to school do so much better academically.

From pep rallies like the Dodge Ball Tournament and The Baron Games to events such as the Homecoming Parade and Prom, students have a wide variety of activities to keep them busy. School-wide events such as the Fall Festival and May Day encourage the participation of not only students, but also the participation of parents. Art shows, drama productions and music programs for students of all ages not only entertain, but help create well-rounded young people.

Field trips to local venues such as the Sumter Fire Department or the Sumter County Museum to week-long trips abroad to England, France, Italy or Peru, in addition to overnight trips to Charleston, New York City, the mountains of North Carolina, or Washington, D.C., only further expand the experiences and learning opportunities of students. There is a full range of activities at Wilson Hall that encourage involvement and development of leadership and talent.

Because of the small size of the student body, students are able to become active in several organizations. No matter how diverse a student’s interests and talents are, each person can usually find a group of students and faculty to share them. The Instrumental Ensemble, Lego Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes are just some of the 41 clubs and organizations Wilson Hall offers.

The school has earned 228 state titles through interscholastic competitions, including the recent championships for Battle of the Books, Chess, Competition Dance, History Day, Literary Meet and Reading Fair for the 2018-2019 school year. Through these activities, students learn not only to respect, motivate, and lead their fellow Barons, but they also discover their own abilities and test their own values.

Fine & Performing Arts

With 32 different classes offered in the fine and performing arts and extracurricular organizations such as the Instrumental Ensemble and Middle School Theatre, Wilson Hall demonstrates its commitment to the importance of arts education. In fact, the S.C. Independent School Association recognized Wilson Hall as having the most successful fine and performing arts program in the state.

Whether through music class in preschool, theatre class in the sixth grade, or photography class in the tenth grade, students are exposed to the arts at every grade level. Wilson Hall believes that a student cannot be truly well rounded without a foundation in the fine and performing arts, and it is through the arts that students are encouraged to express themselves and are inspired to discover new talents.

Community Service

Community service is an important aspect of student life at Wilson Hall, and students at all grade levels participate in school sponsored projects. Seniors are strongly encouraged to perform a minimum number of service hours to their school and community with the 58 members of the Class of 2019 completing 3,720 hours of community service during their senior year alone. While many service projects benefit local causes, such as local food pantries and shelters for the homeless, nursing home residents, students have the opportunity to participate in large efforts such as the dance marathon to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

Extracurricular Activities

Art Club: 9th-12th
Art National Honor Society: 10th-12th
Beta Clubs (service-oriented honor society): Junior, 7th – 8th / Senior, 9th – 12th
Baron Ambassadors (student guides & hosts): 11th & 12th
Baron Book Club (rewards reading): 1st – 5th
Battle of the Books (interscholastic competitions): Lower School, 3rd-5th / Middle School, 6th-8th
Charity Water Club: 9th-12th
Chess Clubs (interscholastic competitions): Lower School, 3rd – 5th / Middle School, 6th – 8th / High School, 9th-12th
Chorus: Lower School, 4th & 5th / High School, 9th – 12th
Debate Teams: Middle School, 6th-8th / High School, 9th-12th
Fellowship of Christian Athletes: 9th – 12th, open to all students
First Priority Club (Christian outreach): 6th – 8th
French National Honor Society: 10th – 12th
History Day Competition Teams: Middle School, 6th-8th/High School, 9th-12th
Instrumental Ensemble: 6th – 12th
Key Club (service organization): 9th – 12th
Latin Club: 8th – 11th
Latin National Honor Society: 9th – 11th
LEGO Club: 3rd – 4th
Literary Meet Competition Teams (interscholastic competitions): Lower School, 2nd – 5th / Middle School, 6th – 8th / High School, 9th -12th
Math Teams (interscholastic competitions): Middle School, 7th & 8th / High School, 10th – 12th
Music National Honor Society: 10th-12th
National Honor Society: 10th – 12th
Newspaper (published four times annually): 10th – 12th
Photography Club: 9th-12th
Ping Pong Club: 9th-12th
Quiz Bowl (interscholastic competitions): Middle School, 6th – 8th / High School, 9th – 12th
Reading Fair Competition Teams: Lower School, 1st-5th/Middle School, 6th-8th/High School, 9th-12th
Spanish National Honor Society: 10th – 12th
Student Council: 6th – 12th
Theatre: Middle School, 6th-8th / High School, 9th-12th
Yearbook: 10th – 12th

Special Events

Students who enjoy going to school generally have a better academic experience, so Wilson Hall provides many opportunities for the students to have fun and develop a sense of camaraderie. From small events like the kindergarten’s Teddy Bear Picnic to large events such as the Junior-Senior Prom, special activities are planned for students of all ages. Pep rallies such as The Baron Games relays not only help foster school spirit, but also give students the opportunity to work as a group while developing leadership skills. Annual traditions such as the Homecoming Parade, May Day and the Fall Festival ensure that the calendar is filled with enjoyable events that provide a proper balance to the high academic expectations.