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Profile of a Wilson Hall Graduate

Like excellent lesson planning, the Profile of a Graduate begins with the end in mind. A clear, focused profile guides instruction and programmatic decisions, pushing us to ask what the best instructional practices are and what school programs develop the outcomes we want in our graduates. It also serves as a powerful tool for communicating distinguishing aspects of the Wilson Hall experience. 

As we are preparing our students for graduation and beyond, our Profile of a Graduate answers the following questions:
1. What are the expected outcomes of the student experience at Wilson Hall?
2. What are the habits of mind/character we want our students to possess when they graduate?

Lead & Collaborate

  • Practice cooperative leadership while respecting others
  • Contribute actively as a member of a team
  • Encourage, inspire and support fellow students
  • Examine multiple perspectives

Think Critically & Creatively

  • Seek innovative solutions and examine multiple solutions
  • Identify, define, and solve problems within scientific, creative, mathematical, and other disciplines through experiment and awareness of precedent and empirical data
  • Research independently, evaluate source quality, and appropriately synthesize one’s own ideas with those of others
  • Welcome new ideas as well as constructive criticism 

Communicate Effectively

  • Read, understand, and produce articulate analytical, personal, and creative writing, including pieces that express and support an opinion while demonstrating awareness of other opinions
  • Speak and write with clarity and confidence
  • Communicate skillfully in written and spoken expression, including in a second language and through the use of current technology
  • Develop self-expression by creating or performing a piece of art (instrumental, dance, vocal, visual, literary, theatrical) with skill and passion

Develop Character 

  • Demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility consistently
  • Display respect, empathy and kindness to others
  • Become an accountable individual who is engaged in and connected with the greater community
  • Practice the school honor code to not lie, cheat, steal or plagiarize