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Head of School's Welcome

Thank you for visiting the Wilson Hall website. I hope as you peruse the different links on this website that the information gleaned from these links will lead you to inquire about attending our school. Wilson Hall is an incredible school. Although we boast great test scores and winning athletic teams year in and year out, Wilson Hall is much more than just numbers and winning percentages.

Wilson Hall claims a wonderful blend of students who excel in many areas. It is this unique blend of talents, brought to our school by the students and developed by our faculty, which makes Wilson Hall such a special place.

Whether it is the committee putting together the Prom or the middle and high school students decorating their Homecoming floats for the parade, our students enjoy the entire school experience. From theater productions to Field Day, Wilson Hall students enjoy working and playing together and often remain friends throughout their entire lives.

Fred Moulton
Head of School

Inside our hallways you will find a very challenging curriculum with 22 Advanced Placement exams offered in nine separate academic areas. Because we understand the complexities of gaining college acceptance, the Wilson Hall academic program is more challenging than programs which subscribe to minimum standards.

Whether you enjoy music, computer science, ceramics, or mathematics, you will have the opportunity to study in a program that will prepare you for college success.