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Summer Camps 2023

Over 30 summer camps for students of all ages are being offered for 2023. The themes for camps range from robotics to art and from LEGO to equestrian.

The deadline to register is May 5, but late registrants may be accepted until a camp is filled to capacity.

Please click on the following link to access the brochure for the 2023 Above & Beyond Summer Camps: summer camps. For more information, please contact Mrs. Brooke Tidwell, Summer Camp Director, at 

Camp Kindergarten
Jump Start to First Grade Camp
Mom and Me Ceramics Camp (1st-5th)
LEGO II Camp (1st & 2nd)
Art Camp III (K-1st)
Volleyball Camp (4th-8th)
Boys Basketball Camp (2nd-5th)
Football Camp (2nd-5th)
Scrapbook Camp (5th-8th)
Storybook Camp (PS4-1st)
All Sports Camp (PS4-1st)
Cheerleading Camp (1st-5th)
Creative Writing Camp (3rd-5th)
STEAM Camp (3rd-5th)
Girls Basketball Camp (3rd-6th)
Baseball Camp (2nd-5th)
Art Camp I (1st & 2nd)
Soccer Camp (1st-6th)
Art Camp II (3rd & 4th)
LEGO Camp (1st & 2nd)
Robotics Camp (3rd-5th)
Tumbling Camp (1st-5th)
All-Sports Camp II (2nd-5th)
Boys Basketball Camp II (6th-9th)