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Visual Arts

Students have formal art instruction starting in the three-year-old preschool and visit the lower school art studio once a week through the 5th grade, and 6th graders take art for a quarter. 

High school students have the option of taking one of the following 19 courses in visual arts: AP Studio Art (Drawing), AP Studio Art (2-D Design), AP Studio Art (3-D Design Ceramics), AP Studio Art (3-D Design Sculpture), Art I-IV, Ceramics I-IV, 2-D Design, Photography I & II, Print Design I & II, Sculpture I-IV. 

Our campus has three art studios for instruction, complete with a kiln room for ceramics and a digital photography lab. Hundreds of pieces of student work are on display in nearly every building on campus in special display cases and on the walls.

Students enter their work and receive recognition at the Congressional Art Competition, the S.C. Independent School Association State Art Show, the Converse Women in Art Show, the Sumter County Fair Art Show, and ArtFields Jr.  A high school student is highlighted as the Artist of the Month with his or her work displayed in the Fine Arts Building each month. 

Bubble Art

Students in the 3-D Design class use bubbles to paint as a fun activity while learning about color as an element of art.

Art Showcase

Carlie Fort

The 11th Wilson Hall Art Showcase featured the artwork of students in preschool through twelfth grade, and each art student had at least one piece of artwork in the showcase that featured over 1,000 works of art (ceramics, drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures). Refreshments were served by members of the National Art Honor Society. The art teachers are Mrs. Ashley Lareau, Mrs. Cynthia Hall McGrady, Mrs. Renee Norton and Mrs. Tara Schumacher.

13 Accepted to Prestigious Art Show

The artwork of 13 students has been accepted for ArtFields Jr., an art competition open to students throughout South Carolina. The selection process was extremely competitive with more than 800 submissions from across the state. ArtFields, held in Lake City the week of April 20-30, is one of the south’s premier art competitions and festivals. The goal of the show is to honor the artists of the Southeast with a week’s worth of celebration and competition in the heart of a traditional small southern town. Over $145,000 in prizes will be awarded based on the input of every visitor to ArtFields and a panel of judges made up of acclaimed artists and educators.

The following students of either Mrs. Ashley Lareau, Mrs. Cynthia Hall McGrady ‘15 or Mrs. Tara Schumacher had their work accepted: Rachel Bostic ‘22, Elizabeth Busch ‘24, Emmaly Clark ‘32, Bailey Flemming ‘28, Gavin Getz ‘28, Ava Harkrader ‘31, Kennedy Jamison ‘29, Cameron Limehouse ‘32, Peyton Linginfelter ‘23, Elsie Michaels ‘32, Nathan Owens ‘23, Logan Schumacher ‘25 and Mathew Simmons ‘25,


Columbia Museum of Art Trip

Students in the ceramics classes taught by Mrs. Ashley Lareau and in the sculpture classes taught by Mrs. Tara Schumacher visited the Columbia Museum of Art for a field trip. They viewed the “Contemplation and Dreams” exhibit by the iconic sculptor Auguste Rodin, as well as the “Let a Million Flowers Bloom” immersive light installation by Pakistani American artist Anila Quayyum Agha. Following the tour of the museum’s exhibits, students participated in a Rodin-inspired sculpture workshop.

Wilson Hall Student Art Exhibit at USC Sumter

The Wilson Hall Student Art Exhibit will be on display at the University of South Carolina Sumter Upstairs Art Gallery until February 18. The exhibit, featuring 80 works of art, represents a sampling of work created by Wilson Hall art students taught by Mrs. Ashley Lareau, Mrs. Cynthia McGrady and Mrs. Tara Schumacher. Pieces include a variety of mediums: ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Each of these mediums is taught from a beginning to advanced level, with some students going on to take an Advanced Placement Art Studio course in their chosen medium. The gallery is located in the Williams-Brice-Edwards Administration Building at 200 Miller Road. 

Art Appreciation Field Trip

As an art appreciation field trip, high school students in the Drawing I class taught by Mrs. Tara Schumacher visited the Sumter County Gallery of Art for the Norman Rockwell: American Chronicles exhibition. The original works of the iconic artist featured 15 original paintings and 19 prints, including his World War II War Bond posters depicting the “Four Freedoms” and his idyllic Saturday Evening Post covers featuring a wide range of topics from seemingly ordinary life to the Civil Rights Era. The exhibition was organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts.

Ten Students Recognized in Art Show

Ten students received ribbons, including four blue ribbons, in the Sumter County Fair Art Show. The following students won first place in their respective divisions and received blue ribbons: Karsen Jones ‘29 - two-dimensional mixed media, Sophie Miller ‘26 - two-dimensional mixed media, Adam Pelletier - photography, and Michael Thorne ‘26 - painting. Placing second was Emmi Leard ‘24 - drawing, and receiving third-place ribbons were the following students: Lainey Lee ‘30 - two-dimensional mixed media, Sophia Levi ‘28 - drawing, Amelie Lucas ‘28 - painting, Walker Rivers ‘30 - two-dimensional mixed media, and Andrew Smith ‘24 - photography. The art teachers are Mrs. Ashley Lareau, Mrs. Cynthia Hall McGrady ‘15 and Mrs. Tara Schumacher.