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Field Trips

Field trips to local venues such as the Sumter Fire Department or the Sumter County Museum to week-long trips abroad to England, France, Italy or Spain, in addition to overnight trips to Charleston, New York City, the mountains of North Carolina, or Washington, D.C., only further expand the experiences and learning opportunities of students. 

7th Grade History & Science Trip

In conjunction with their history class taught by Mr. George Carruth and science class taught by Mrs. Sheri Singleton, seventh graders visited the Charleston area from May 3-5. The group spent two nights on the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum and visited Fort Sumter and Charles Towne Landing.The group spent a day on a boat tour with Barrier Island EcoTours and visited Capers Island where the students studied the ecology and enjoyed lunch on the beach.

Junior Class Retreat in North Carolina

As part of the curriculum, the members of the Junior Class attended the 17th Junior Class Retreat at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina, March 27-29. The retreat provided rising seniors with a “beyond the classroom walls” experience with a focus on loyalty, leadership and legacy. It included group activities, structured discussions, and opportunities for enjoying the facilities of the conference center located in the mountains of North Carolina. Activities included an obstacle course operated by the Mountain Trail Outdoor School, team-building exercises, and cooperation games. Dr. Milt Lowder ‘90, a licensed counseling psychologist in Greenville, delivered the keynote speech with the topic of “Defining Success.” There were also presentations given by Mr. Fred Moulton, Head of School, as well as from some of the dozen faculty members who attended the retreat.

New York City Arts Appreciation Trip

Halle Stone, Carlie Fort, Natalie Ford & 
Lucy Matthews at The Color Factory.

Students in the art and theater classes, escorted by their teachers, visited New York City for a fine arts appreciation trip from March 10-13 and stayed in the Hilton Midtown in Manhattan. To learn more about artists, art history and different styles of art, the group visited the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Art and Design, and the Whitney Museum.

For the experience of live theater, students attended one of the following Broadway shows in the Theater District: Aladdin, Moulin Rouge, Six, or Wicked. Expanding their theater experience, students and chaperons participated in a private improvisational acting class held in a private studio in Midtown. 

The trip provided the opportunity for students to experience the culture of New York City as they visited the Color Factory, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center, and shopped and dined in SoHo and Midtown.

Mrs. Ashley Lareau, Art Department Chair, organized the trip and she was assisted in chaperoning by Mr. George Carruth, theater teacher, and Mrs. Cynthia McGrady and Mrs. Tara Schumacher, art teachers.


Senior Class Mini-Retreat

As a follow-up to their Junior Class Retreat in the spring, the members of the Senior Class attended a day-long retreat at Camp Bob Cooper on the shores of Lake Marion in Summerton. The event expanded on the purpose of the Junior Retreat, which provided students with a beyond the classroom walls experience with a focus on loyalty, leadership and legacy. The class had several sessions, led by faculty members, regarding re-evaluating the class and individual goals set in the spring and how these goals are being realized. Students enjoyed recreational time in and on the lake including swimming, volleyball, log rolling, and jumping on the “blob” before having lunch and heading back to campus. Mrs. Laura Barr coordinated the event.  

Upcoming Trips

Upcoming international trips for high school students and their parents:
- France, Summer 2022

Planned overnight class trips for the 21-22 school year:
- 7th Grade Science & History
- 11th Grade Class Retreat
Hendersonville, NC
- High School Visual &
Performing Arts
New York City