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Field Trips

Field trips to local venues such as the Sumter Fire Department or the Sumter County Museum to week-long trips abroad to England, France, Italy or Spain, in addition to overnight trips to Charleston, New York City, the mountains of North Carolina, or Washington, D.C., only further expand the experiences and learning opportunities of students. 

Senior Class Mini-Retreat

As a follow-up to their Junior Class Retreat in the spring, the members of the Senior Class attended a day-long retreat at Camp Bob Cooper on the shores of Lake Marion in Summerton. The event expanded on the purpose of the Junior Retreat, which provided students with a beyond the classroom walls experience with a focus on loyalty, leadership and legacy. The class had several sessions, led by faculty members, regarding re-evaluating the class and individual goals set in the spring and how these goals are being realized. Students enjoyed recreational time in and on the lake including swimming, volleyball, log rolling, and jumping on the “blob” before having lunch and heading back to campus. Mrs. Laura Barr coordinated the event.  

Junior Class Retreat 2021

As part of the curriculum, the members of the Junior Class attended the 16th annual Junior Class Retreat at Camp Bob Cooper on the shores of Lake Marion in Summerton. Students gathered each morning in Sumter before taking the short trip to the camp and returned each evening. Coordinated by Mrs. Laura Barr and Mr. Glen Rector, the retreat provided rising seniors with a “beyond the classroom walls” experience with a focus on loyalty, leadership and legacy.

The retreat, held March 28-30, included cooperative games and a low ropes course led by camp counselors to promote collaboration and teamwork. It also included group activities Got Your Back, for which students wrote one positive message on the back of each student, and an autograph scavenger hunt. The students also completed a group video project and they enjoyed free time when they could play laser tag, Frisbee golf, volleyball, or gaga ball. 

Dr. Milt Lowder ‘90, a licensed counseling psychologist in Greenville, delivered the keynote speech with the topic of “Defining Success.” There were also presentations given by Mr. Fred Moulton, Headmaster, as well as from five of the faculty members who attended the retreat.

Every member of the Class of 2022 had the opportunity to enjoy the significant benefits of a time set apart for community building and individual character development in a way that will not only benefit each student individually, but continue Wilson Hall’s strong tradition of effective preparation for college and beyond.

Upcoming Trips

Upcoming international trips for high school students and their parents:
- Italy, Summer 2022
- France, Summer 2022

Planned overnight class trips for the 21-22 school year:
- 7th Grade Science & History
- 11th Grade Class Retreat
Hendersonville, NC
- SCUBA Club Dive Trip, Honduras