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Field Trips

Field trips to local venues such as the Sumter Fire Department or the Sumter County Museum to week-long trips abroad to England, France, Italy or Spain, in addition to overnight trips to Charleston, New York City, the mountains of North Carolina, or Washington, D.C., only further expand the experiences and learning opportunities of students. 

Junior Class Retreat to N.C. Mountains

As part of the curriculum, the members of the Junior Class attended the 15th annual Junior Class Retreat at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina, March 1-3. Coordinated by Mrs. Laura Barr and Mr. Glen Rector, the retreat provided rising seniors with a “beyond the classroom walls” experience with a focus on loyalty, leadership and legacy.

The retreat included group activities, structured discussions, and opportunities for enjoying the facilities of the conference center located in the mountains of North Carolina. Activities included an obstacle course operated by the Mountain Trail Outdoor School, team-building exercises, and cooperation games.

Dr. Milt Lowder ‘90, a licensed counseling psychologist in Greenville, delivered the keynote speech with the topic of “Defining Success.” There were also presentations given by Mr. Fred Moulton, Headmaster, as well as from some of the dozen faculty members who attended the retreat.

Every member of the Class of 2021 had the opportunity to enjoy the significant benefits of a time set apart for community building and individual character development in a way that will not only benefit each student individually, but continue Wilson Hall’s strong tradition of effective preparation for college and beyond.

5th Grade Travels to Washington, DC

Filling three chartered buses, the 50 fifth grade students and their chaperons, led by the trip’s coordinator, Mr. Charles Smith, departed for the 38th Washington, D.C., area trip on October 19.

Students spent two full days sightseeing in the city and the surrounding area, visiting such points of interest as the Capitol, Library of Congress, National Cathedral, White House and Washington Monument. They also visited Arlington National Cemetery and the Iwo Jima, Jefferson, Vietnam War and World War II Memorials, as well as Embassy Row, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and National Archives.

The group visited the Smithsonian’s Air and Space, American History, and Natural History Museums, and the Holocaust Museum. An evening tour of the city included the illuminated Air Force, Korean War, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorials. They also toured Mt. Vernon and its educational center.

Students spent a day at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and visited Jamestown Festival Park before returning home on October 24. As an assignment in conjunction with their U.S. History unit of their social studies class taught by Mrs. Frances James, the students will give a PowerPoint presentation about their trip to their parents.

6th Grade Attends Camp in NC

Through activities such as white water rafting on the French Broad River, the Class of ‘26 experienced an educational and enjoyable trip to Camp Kanuga in Hendersonville, N.C., from September 4-6. Organized by Mrs. Stacey Reaves, Upper School Head, the 19th annual trip gave the students the opportunity to participate in four classes taught by the Mountain Trail Outdoor School which is located in the Appalachian Mountains. These classes included a co-operation and low ropes course, a hands-on course in rappelling, an orienteering and wilderness survival course, and a course in forest ecology. Students also enjoyed activities to promote bonding and team building with their classmates, such as campfires and recreational games, as well as time for a daily devotion.    

Upcoming Trips

Upcoming international trips for high school students and their parents:
- France, Spring 2021
- Italy, Summer 2021
- Spain, Summer 2021

Planned overnight class trips for the 20-21 school year:
- 5th Grade
Washington, DC
- 6th Grade
Hendersonville, NC
- 7th Grade
- 11th Grade
Hendersonville, NC