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S.T.E.A.M. Program

Wilson Hall is a certified Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) school by the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA). To earn the certification, the school met SCISA STEAM standards that include having an inquiry-based learning environment for students that encourages problem-solving, students working independently and collaboratively, and students demonstrating creative and critical thinking.

Other STEAM standards include students using technology resources to conduct research, learning through performance-based assessments, and students demonstrating oral and verbal communication skills to express and elaborate their conclusions. Students in each class, from three-year-old preschool through twelfth grade and across all academic disciplines, participate in STEAM activities.

While investigating the relationship between potential and kinetic energy, students in the sixth grade science class build paper roller coasters as a STEAM activity.

During spirit week, students in the Seventh Grade Literature class practice their critical thinking skills by making hexagonal connections between two literary works, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John  Boyne and The Diary of Anne Frank.

During a hands-on writing activity, first grade students use pipe cleaners for their action verb creations.

As part of their study of value, students in the Drawing I class sketch a large piece of fabric. Students are learning how light creates shadows and depth, and that value takes simple shapes and turns them into forms. The students originally did small life drawings with a light source and will eventually draw a still life that incorporates objects as well as fabric. 

While studying projectile motion in their Physics students use a Nerf gun as a STEAM activity. The students determined the angle for the projectile to achieve the longest distance while considering gravity and horizontal motion

As part of a letter matching STEAM activity, three-year-old preschool student Caleb Thomas puts Band-Aids on a boo boo bear for the letter B.

Freshmen in the Photography I class use their 35mm digital cameras to complete an assignment.


As a STEAM activity, eighth grade students in the Honors Algebra I class practice simplifying expressions that involve distribution and combining like terms.

Sophomores in the Honors English II class use hexagonal thinking to connect concepts from their summer reading novels, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. All students in grades 5-12 are required to complete summer reading.  

After reading the book "Fruit Salad Friends," first grade students made chef's hats to make a fruit salad from the produce they read about in the book.