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Giving Overview

Wilson Hall is a school with a mission and in order to fulfill this mission, it is incumbent upon all of us to join the effort by the giving of our time, talents, and resources.  Wilson Hall’s founders not only developed the school’s mission but provided the investments necessary to open the doors to the school in 1966.  Their commitment was so complete that at one point in the very early days, one of those founders provided the funds for faculty salaries from his own pocket.  That is our heritage, a heritage we are proud of and strive to live into.

We have watched with wonder over the past few years at the addition of STEAM labs, a security plan, place, and staff, a preschool and Baron Care facility, all of which were made possible by the gifts of members of the Wilson Hall family.  

Giving is the backbone of what we enjoy today:  an independent school competitive with any in the state of South Carolina at a tuition level appropriate to the Sumter area.  Being part of a family always means giving to the family for the greater good of all.  Wilson Hall is a family, our family, and we welcome you to give in any way possible in order to provide the resources necessary for an outstanding educational experience.

The keystone to understanding the need for giving is the full realization that tuition covers faculty salaries, books, and curriculum.  Giving dollars provide program enhancements, faculty enrichment, facilities, and the majority of “unbudgeted items” that present themselves throughout any school year.

Laura Barr
Director of Development
Martha Jo Johnson
Assistant Director of Development