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Events & Extracurricular Programs

Wilson Hall students often say that a big part of their educational experience takes place outside the classroom, and there is a good bit of truth in that statement. Our students learn to enjoy a healthy balance between work and play, and Wilson Hall provides the opportunity for students to enjoy themselves with their friends and faculty through an extraordinary array of student activities. It is easy to see why students who enjoy coming to school do so much better academically.

From pep rallies like the Dodge Ball Tournament and The Baron Games to events such as the Homecoming Parade and Prom, students have a wide variety of activities to keep them busy. School-wide events such as the Fall Festival encourage the participation of not only students, but also the participation of parents. Art shows, theater productions and music programs for students of all ages not only entertain, but help create well-rounded young people.

Because of the small size of the student body, students are able to become active in various organizations. No matter how diverse a student’s interests and talents are, each person can usually find a group of students and faculty to share them. The Instrumental Ensemble, Lego Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes are just a few of the 46 clubs and organizations Wilson Hall offers.

Through these activities, students learn not only to respect, motivate, and lead their fellow Barons, but they also discover their own abilities and test their own values. 

Senior Last Day Luncheon & Program

The school celebrated the last day of classes of the seniors with the Last Day Luncheon on May 17. Held in the Nash Student Center, the program featured a keynote speech by Mr. Kurt Wilson, a physical education teacher and assistant football coach, who was selected by the class. Seniors and their parents enjoyed a lunch catered by Southern Pride Barbeque followed by plenty of photo opportunities. After lunch, the guests were invited to the chapel, which is currently under construction, to sign and leave special messages on one of the six pillars representing the founders of the school. At the end of the school day, the senior officers offered parting words to the underclassmen over the loudspeaker before joining in the hall to sing the Alma Mater. The program is coordinated by Mrs. Laura Barr, Mrs. Karen McCreight and Mrs. Martha Jo Smith Johnson of the Development Office.

Class Challenge

The 24th Class Challenge, a field day for high school students, was held on Spencer Field on April 29. Student Body President Hugh McLaurin, Study Body Vice President Annabelle Huffman, and Mrs. Cheryl Landstrom coordinated the event on behalf of the Student Council. Wearing t-shirts unique to each class, students competed in eight events ranging from traditional activities such as the three-legged race and water balloon toss to the bouncy ball hop and wet sponge relay. The events culminated in the always competitive tug-of-war, followed by students gathering to sing the Alma Mater. The Sophomore Class was the overall winner.


Senior Service Project

The Senior Class spent the school day on April 8 performing community service projects. Half of the students visited National Healthcare where they played games, worked on craft projects, painted fingernails, and spent time with the residents. The other half volunteered at Sumter United Ministries where they moved large items for a major cleanup, painted, and worked on small construction projects.

Junior-Senior Prom

With decorations inspired by The Great Gatsby, the 49th Junior-Senior Prom was held in the Nash Student Center on April 8. After members of the Class of ‘22 were introduced for the traditional Grand March, students danced and socialized in the main gymnasium. To create a festive atmosphere, large panels of black, draped fabric were hung to create a “room within a room” with lights strung across the top to create a sparkling ceiling. A replica of an art-deco building was painted for the introduction of the seniors, and large, painted cutouts representing the era were placed throughout the room along with ferns. Large, white tables were decorated with white floral arrangements and candles. Before the Prom, students attended a Junior Class Dinner and a Senior Class Dinner hosted by parents, and all students attended the Prom Breakfast, again hosted by parents at a student's home. 


Carlie Fort

As the newest addition to the roster of extracurricular activities offered to students, the SCUBA Club is open to any student interested in open water diving. Advised by Mrs. Liz McGinnis and Mrs. Erin Smith, the club is planning a trip to the Caribbean island of Bonaire during Spring Break 2023. The trip will be open to anyone, divers and non-divers, who enjoy snorkeling or open-water diving.

In conjunction with the Wateree Dive Center in Columbia, a diving certification class is being conducted. The class involves three sessions in the Sumter YMCA pool, written exams, and five open-water training dives in May. For the open-water training, participants will travel to the Gainesville, Florida, area to dive in Crystal River, Devil’s Den, and Rainbow River. Upon completion of the course, participants will be certified for open water diving. To participate in future training sessions or trips, please contact Mrs. McGinnis or Mrs. Smith. 


$22,026 Raised for Children's Hospital

Wilson Hall students raised $22,206 for the Prisma Health Children’s Hospital by hosting its sixth annual Dance Marathon. In partnership with the University of South Carolina Dance Marathon, which raises over half a million dollars every year through the Children’s Miracle Network, the money raised will go to support bettering the lives of children at the hospital. As the main community service project that the school sponsors, Wilson Hall raised a total of $88,002 for the cause during the past six years. The Main Event was held on Spencer Field on February 12 and featured three separate activities: a carnival for lower school students, a neon-themed dance for middle school students, and a “five dolla prom” for high school students. In addition to the donations made through the Miracle Network’s website and the Be the Change Campaign, the Dance Marathon Committee raised money through the Knockout Basketball Competition, Movie Night on the Lawn, Nothing Bundt Cake sale, and Sweatpants for Exams campaign.

Student-Faculty Basketball Game

The Student-Faculty Basketball Game was held during a pep rally for students in grades 6-12. The faculty won (ladies 10-2, men 15-10) with each group playing a 7-minute period. 

Dance Marathon Main Event

Members of WH’s Dance Marathon Comt. participated in the University of South Carolina Mini-Dance Marathon Retreat in Columbia. Students collaborated with local high schools for fundraising strategies, heard testimonies from children who have been patients at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital, and painted a banner that will be hung at USC’s main event.

Wilson Hall's main event will be February 12 on Spencer Field. The Lower School Carnival is 2:00-4:00, the Middle School Neon Dance is 5:00-7:00, and the High School "Five Dolla Prom" is 8:00-10:00. Admission is $20 per person. All proceeds benefit Prisma Health Children's Hospital.  The main community service project the school sponsors, a total of $48,524 has been raised by Wilson Hall for the cause during the last four years.

Winter Chill Semi-Formal

To celebrate the end of the semester and the conclusion of mid-term exams, the 27th Winter Chill Semi Formal for high school students was held in front of the Nash Student Center on December 17. Sponsored by the Student Council, the dance was coordinated by Senior Class President Mary Jones and Student Body President Hugh McLaurin. Mrs. Erin Smith, a science teacher, served as the DJ for the event which had over 180 students in attendance.

Baron Exam Study Time (BEST) Day

In order to help prepare for their mid-term exams, students in grades 9-12 attended the Baron Exam Study Time held after school in the cafeteria. Members of the faculty were present to assist the students with their studies and to answer questions.

Baron-Horse-Chariot Pep Rally

During a pep rally sponsored by the varsity cheerleaders, students in grades 9-12 participated in the Baron-Horse-Chariot competition. Three pairs of students from each grade participated, completing one of the three commands with the last pair to do so eliminated until only one pair of students remained. 

Fall Festival

Approximately 900 people attended the annual Fall Festival held on Spencer Field on October 26. Sponsored by the PTO, the event included over 20 game booths, inflatable bouncy house and rock climb/slide, costume and pumpkin decorating contests, and concessions. Mrs. Chrissy Hutto served as the chair and Mrs. Whitney Dunlap as the co-chair of the event.

Ships & Sailors Pep Rally

The Ships & Sailors pep rally, sponsored by the varsity cheerleading squad, was held in the Nash Student Center on October 15. Ten students from each grade in 9th-12th competed in the event which involved a series of ten commands with different groupings of people, with people being eliminated each time until only two remained. 


Lucy Matthews was crowned the 50th Homecoming Queen during half-time of the varsity football game on Spencer Field on October 8. The Senior Class nominated seven girls from the class to be on the Homecoming Court and students in grades 9-12 voted for the queen. In addition to Lucy, the following seniors were elected to the court: Ansleigh Epps, Natalie Ford, Mary Jones, Anna Lee, Ellie Spencer and Halle Stone. Madi DesChamps ‘21, the 2020 Homecoming Queen, returned from Clemson University to assist Mr. Fred Moulton, Headmaster, with the crowning of the new queen. Sarah Burns Brown & Grace Locklear were the flower girls, and Davis Williams was the crown bearer for the ceremony. 

A variety of activities took place to celebrate Homecoming. Spirit Week found students and faculty members dressing up to the following themes: generations, tacky tourists, cowboys vs. aliens, time travel, and athletic jerseys. 

Students arrived on campus the morning of October 8 to find the entire high school building decorated by the varsity cheerleading squad to the theme of “Baron Music Festival.” With the music theme, the inside of the building had intricately painted banners and decorations that covered the floor, walls and ceiling. Students of all ages enjoyed the festive atmosphere throughout the day. Ivey Edwards is the captain and Anna Hays Shuler co-captain of the squad. 

Pyramid Pep Rally

As a Homecoming pep rally, the Student Council sponsored the Pyramid Competition which the senior boys and the senior girls won. For the pep rally, teams of 10 boys and 10 girls in grades 9-12 competed to see which class could build a human pyramid the fastest.

Spirit Week

Faculty members dress as tacky tourists
for Spirit Week. 

A variety of activities took place to celebrate Homecoming. Spirit Week found students and faculty members dressing up to the following themes: generations, tacky tourists, cowboys vs. aliens, time travel, and athletic jerseys.

Kindergarten Dad's Donuts

Maj. Phillip Amrine with his son,

The annual Dad’s Donuts was held in front of the Nash Student Center on September 30. Students recited poems, enjoyed donuts and fruit, and presented their dads with special hand-made gifts.


Kate Rivers & Serena Jordan

The annual week-long mini-cheerleading clinic, sponsored by the varsity cheerleading squad, culminated with a performance on Spencer Field during halftime of the varsity football game on September 24. Approximately 119 girls in preschool through sixth grade participated in the clinic, which was held after school, when they were taught a dance, chants and cheers by the varsity cheerleaders.

See You at the Pole

Students, faculty and parents met at 7:15 on the morning of September 22 to pray during the annual See You at the Pole event. Held on the fourth Wednesday of each September, this international event encourages Christian students to gather around the flag pole for prayer and scripture reading before the start of the school day. The event is sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and First Priority Christian Club.

The Baron Games

The 20th Baron Games, a pep rally for students in grades 6-12, was held September 17 in the Nash Student Center. Students, wearing special class t-shirts, competed in four events ranging from the football hike to the Baron Drag. The Student Council organized the pep rally.  

State Titles

Wilson Hall has won 253 state team and individual titles in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, such as Battle of the Books, dance, debate and Quiz Bowl.