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Events & Extracurricular Programs

Wilson Hall students often say that a big part of their educational experience takes place outside the classroom, and there is a good bit of truth in that statement. Our students learn to enjoy a healthy balance between work and play, and Wilson Hall provides the opportunity for students to enjoy themselves with their friends and faculty through an extraordinary array of student activities. It is easy to see why students who enjoy coming to school do so much better academically.

From pep rallies like the Dodge Ball Tournament and The Baron Games to events such as the Homecoming Parade and Prom, students have a wide variety of activities to keep them busy. School-wide events such as the Fall Festival and May Day encourage the participation of not only students, but also the participation of parents. Art shows, theater productions and music programs for students of all ages not only entertain, but help create well-rounded young people.

Because of the small size of the student body, students are able to become active in several organizations. No matter how diverse a student’s interests and talents are, each person can usually find a group of students and faculty to share them. The Instrumental Ensemble, Lego Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes are just a few of the 45 clubs and organizations Wilson Hall offers.

Through these activities, students learn not only to respect, motivate, and lead their fellow Barons, but they also discover their own abilities and test their own values. 

DRIVE to Zero Program

Wilson Hall hosted officers from the South Carolina State Transport Police for the DRIVE (distracted, reckless, impaired, and visibility enforcement) to Zero Program. The comprehensive program designed to address driver behavior in three areas (outreach, education and enforcement) addresses unsafe driving behaviors before they occur. Students in grades 10-12 were given the opportunity to drive a go-kart type vehicle equipped with driver distraction/impairment simulation technology in a controlled course in the gym. This allowed the students to experience the effects of operating a motor vehicle while impaired or distracted. The program highlights the negative consequences of distracted and impaired driving behaviors, especially in and around motor vehicles.

Lip Sync Pep Rally

Sponsored by the Student Council, students in grades 9-12 participated in a lip sync pep rally on Spencer Field. Organized by their class officers, students in each grade dressed in costumes appropriate to their class theme for the performance. The music ranged from 80s music to songs from classic Disney movies and the Disney Channel. After the performances the varsity cheerleaders led the students in group cheers which was followed by comments by a varsity football player, a fan, and a football coach, culminating in the singing of the Alma Mater.

Fall Celebration

To celebrate Halloween, students in the three-year-old preschool through fifth grade dressed in costumes during the school day. As part of the celebration, students entered over 100 decorated pumpkins that were on display in the football stadium. Each class visited the pumpkin display, picking up treats along the way.

DesChamps Crowned Homecoming Queen

Senior Madison DesChamps was crowned the 49th Homecoming Queen during a high school assembly on Spencer Field. The senior class nominated seven girls from the class to be on the Homecoming Court, and students in grades 9-12 voted for the queen. In addition to Madison, the following seniors were elected to the court: Abbie Beatson, Gracyn Coker, Breland Jones, Georgia McCart, Kaityn Smith and Andi Grae Wingate. Mary Catherine Matthews ‘20, the 2019 Homecoming Queen, returned from the University of South Carolina Honors College to assist Mr. Eddie Talley, Assistant Headmaster, with the crowning of the new queen.

A variety of activities took place to celebrate Homecoming. Spirit Week found students and faculty members dressing up to the following themes: USA, group costume, Hawaiian, movie characters, and holidays. 

Students arrived to campus the morning of October 23rd to find the entire high school building decorated by the varsity cheerleading squad to the theme of “Baron Beach Day.” With the beach theme, the inside of the building had intricately painted banners and decorations that covered the floor, walls and ceiling. Students of all ages enjoyed the festive atmosphere throughout the day. Seniors Breland Jones and Mary Ellis Luebbert are the co-captains and Mrs. Lisa Furse is the cheerleader advisor.