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Clubs & Organizations

Upper School

  • Art Club 9th-12th
  • Art National Honor Society 10th-12th
  • Beta Club (service-oriented honor society) 9th-12th
  • Baron Ambassadors (students who assist with admissions & development functions) 11th-12th
  • Battle of the Books Team (interscholastic competition) 9th-12th
  • Charity Water Club 9th-12th
  • Chess Club 9th-12th 
  • Chess Team (interscholastic competition) 9th-12th
  • Chorus 9th-12th
  • Dance Competition Team (interscholastic competition) 9th-12th
  • Dance Mini-Marathon Committee (benefits Prisma Health Children's Hospital) 11th-12th
  • Debate Team (interscholastic competition) 9th-12th
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (open to all students) 9th-12th
  • French National Honor Society 10th-12th
  • History Day Team (interscholastic competition) 10th
  • Instrumental Ensemble 9th-12th
  • Key Club (service club sponsored by Kiwanis International) 9th-12th
  • Latin Club 9th-11th
  • Latin National Honor Society 9th-11th
  • Literary Meet Team (interscholastic competition) 9th-12th
  • Math Team (interscholastic competition) 10th-12th
  • National Honor Society 10th-12th
  • Newspaper Staff 10th-12th
  • Quiz Bowl (interscholastic competition) 9th-12th
  • Reading Fair Team (interscholastic competition) 9th-12th
  • Spanish National Honor Society 10th-12th
  • Student Council 9th-12th
  • Theater Club 9th-12th
  • Yearbook Staff 10th-12th 


Middle School

  • Beta Club (service-oriented honor society) 7th-8th
  • Battle of the Books Team (interscholastic competition) 6th-8th
  • Chess Club 6th-8th
  • Debate Team (interscholastic competition) 6th-8th
  • First Priority (Christian outreach organization) 6th-8th
  • Instrumental Ensemble 6th-8th
  • Latin Club 8th
  • Literary Meet Team (interscholastic competition) 6th-8th
  • Math Team (interscholastic competition) 7th-8th
  • Quiz Bowl Team (interscholastic competition) 6th-8th
  • Reading Fair Team (interscholastic competition) 6th-8th
  • Theater Club 6th-8th


Lower School

  • Baron Book Club (rewards reading) 1st-5th
  • Battle of the Books Team (interscholastic competition) 3rd-5th
  • Chess Club 3rd-5th
  • Chorus 4th-5th
  • Lego Club 3rd-4th
  • Literary Meet Team (interscholastic competition) 2nd-5th
  • Reading Fair Team (interscholastic competition) 3rd-5th


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