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Middle School

As students grow from children to teenagers during these years, our middle school (6th-8th grades) is about transitions. Minds and expectations are changing, and middle school students need a safe and supportive environment in which to thrive. Consequently, in addition to the continuation of a challenging curriculum, emphasis is placed on teachers, coaches, and advisors working with young students as people. In middle school, opportunities for clubs, athletic teams, and leadership positions encourage students to discover their interests and talents.

The challenging curriculum continues with a seven-period schedule with different teachers for each subject. Technology is incorporated into learning and students have access to provided Chromebooks, and hands-on learning experiences are provided as Wilson Hall is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math certified school. Students are encouraged to collaborate with classmates, think critically, develop written and verbal communication skills, and develop their creativity through projects. The school day is from 8:05 AM–2:35 PM. Housed in its own building, the middle school is a place where childhood is gradually left behind while the wonder and fun of learning and participation continue into adolescence. 

Our faculty skillfully support student learning while providing appropriate and carefully considered accommodations within the classroom setting. Extraordinary academic programs for students with special needs are not available. 

Lee Gandy
Head of 
Middle School


Adelaide Spencer
Upper School
Administrative Assistant